In 2001, 783,936 people lined up and walked off a (proverbial) cliff.  Most of them blindly stepped off the edge, never expecting to die. Some knew the risks, but never stepped off the line, accepting and trusting in the people that went before them. Every year since, a new line has formed and hundreds of thousands of men, women and children line up to jump off the cliff. Surprisingly, there are no protests. Occasionally, the media covers a few of the deaths; depending on who died or how. For the most part, people willfully ignore and accept the losses. Medical intervention caused 783,936 deaths in America, in 2001. On the surface it would appear that I'm vexed or some kind of conspiracy theorist. However, these statistics are generated by renowned organizations, like the Center for Disease Control (C.D.C.) and the World Health Organization (W.H.O); which estimates surgical errors, alone, kill one million people a year, worldwide. 


A common thought is that the medical system saves more lives than it takes; therefore, it is "okay" 8 million people, needlessly, died over the last decade. In and of itself, it is asinine for our country to willfully accept 750,000+ deaths a year. But the truth is death rates drop when doctors go on strike. When all but critical care doctors went on strike in Los Angeles, the mortality rate dropped 18%. As soon as the strike ended, mortality rates rose again. Over and over, the same occurred during strikes in Israel, India, Columbia, England and Canada. Healthcare reformist and medical doctors are screaming that the lack of health coverage and available doctors are killing people, but the research supports just the opposite. Starting from the 1980's, as health insurance coverage began to drop; life expectancy has risen in the U.S.A. 


There's no doubt that drugs save lives and surgeries improve quality of life.  Furthermore, more babies survive each year because of medical intervention, then without.  The problem society has is that surgery is over utilized, drugs are over prescribed and dangerous, and doctors make too many mistakes.  So why is it that people still run to get medicine or surgery? I don't know. I'm just offering something different. I'm offering health care. I'm offering wellness. I'm offering quality and quantity of life, fulfillment and success. The "line" that I support offers a drug-less, non-surgical and natural approach to life, health, biological healing and well-being through chiropractic care. Health care should embody the implementation of healthy measures, not the perpetuation of disease care and sickness. Sometimes I'm warned not to come off as a "Bible Beater", desperately trying to get people to think differently about life-time chiropractic care. 785,000 lives a year are worth the criticism. Step out of the "medical mind-set" line and join the "WELLNESS" line!  Are you hearing me or are you standing in line, waiting your turn at the cliff?


P.S.  From the time you started this article until now, three more people died from medical intervention.


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