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"When looking for a chiropractor in Astoria or Long Island City, you need a lot of different office hours (and days) to choose from; to offset today's hectic lifestyle.  Also, you need an office where your insurance is accepted, the office location is close to you and you don't have to wait hours-on-end to see the doctor.  Convenience is very important to you and, therefore, to us.  However, without knowledgeable, gentle and skilled care a convenient office is pointless.  We pride ourselves in having an ultra convenient office while providing excellent care.  It's the only way to get the result patients want," states Dr. Andrew Matassa.

Dr. Louis Macolino comments, "In over twenty years of practice, you accumulate a wealth of knowledge that can be used to help adults, infants, elderly patients, people with lower back pain, neck pain, pregnant women, people who are afraid of getting their necks twisted and even patients with osteoporosis.  Thank you for taking the time to consider our office and welcome to Family Chiropractors!"

Our Mission Remains:


·         To provide an office where every member of the community can receive chiropractic care to correct nerve interference at the spinal level, which are called vertebral subluxations.

·         To remove as many obstacles as possible so that any person, no matter their age, level of health, or financial status can receive weekly chiropractic spinal check-ups.

·         To educate the community about chiropractic, so they may learn how lifetime, regular chiropractic care relates to reaching maximum potential, in all areas of life. 

We're conveniently located within walking distance of the 'N' train!  

21-20 33rd Road, Suite 1A, Astoria NY 11106